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100 years of Czechoslovak industry 1918-2018

Czechoslovak industry and engineering have always been on the world's top. After the establishment of the republic, the companies like Škoda Pilsen, Poldi of Kladno, ČKD in Prague, or car factories L & K (later Škoda), Praga and TATRA were already a household word. The potential of the Czechoslovak industry to the displeasure of its allies, and above all of France, has also confirmed the newly formed aerospace industry as the most technologically advanced and the most prestigious industrial branch, when only a few years after the First World War new companies such as Avia, Aero or Letov have already supplied machines for both military air force and civilian airlines and forced out foreign types.
Czechoslovak industrial enterprises have increasingly established themselves in the global competition, as evidenced, for example, by the export of military equipment to many countries from Western and Eastern Europe through South and Central America or Africa to the Middle and Far East. Many Czechoslovak engineering and military products have also benefited from licensed production. In the first half of the 1930s even Czechoslovakia was among the three biggest exporters of military equipment in the world. It was also no wonder that the German occupation of the Czech countries greatly strengthened the industrial capacity of the Nazi industrial base.
After the war nationalized and by communist regime directively controlled Czechoslovak industry had a long time drawn on the potential and abilities that emerged from the First Republic. For example, vehicles or utility technology comparable to those, produced in Western countries, such as Škoda, TATRA, Jawa and Zetor, have been thenceforward produced. This considered also the aircraft industry represented by Avia and Aero, as well as military production, where the Czechoslovak industry also managed the production of supersonic combat aircrafts or training jet machines (turbine engine).
The end of the1960s with the arrival of the occupation troops meant a certain break. The planned economy, compared with the world economy has shown a steadily lower productivity and growth and technological and human resources having roots in the First republic have already been exhausted. The 1970s and 1980s brought a certain decline of Czechoslovak industry from positions on world markets. This became evident shortly after 1989, when many Czech companies lost their markets, ceased to produce or went bankrupt, because in the changed political and economic situation they were unable to offer adequate products. For example, the traditional military production of armoured vehicles has disappeared, and in the Czech Republic there were only repair companies.

And just at that time, the foundations of the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP were formed.

Its gradual expansion and growing economic influence in the past 20 years, as well as the current relatively rapid expansion, seemed to reflect the gradual growth and the return of Czech industry to world markets. The Holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP today represents one of the biggest industrial groups in the Czech and Slovak Republics. By the composition of companies and the character of their production, the holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP embodies today the traditions of the Czechoslovak industry and also follows them to bring them into the future.

And this is exactly what expresses the motto of the holding - TRADITION IS THE FUTURE.

200 year history of DAKO-CZ company

DAKO-CZ belongs to its more than two-year history to the holding companies CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP with the oldest tradition. The book, called "TRADITIONAL ENGINEERING COMPANY UNDER IRON MOUNTAINS", recalls the DAKO-CZ's two hundred-year tradition. DAKO-CZ is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems for trains and railway vehicles. It belongs to three world-class manufacturers of brake systems and components.

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The CZECHOSLOVA GROUP is a holding building upon the heritage of the Czechoslovak industry.

It supports the development of traditional Czech and Slovak companies engaged in defence and civil industrial production and trade. The companies belonging to the CSG holding, which generated revenues of 15.4 billion CZK in 2016, have more than 6,000 employees.

The main lines of business of the CSG are mechanical engineering, automotive, railway and aerospace. Due to the strong pro-export orientation of the holding, its products can be found on all continents, and the number of its customers is growing.

The production portfolio is varied: from watch to train brakes to trucks. Equally important area as well as radar and navigation systems for civil and defense industry.


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